Door-to-door post made easy


The beginning

Sendle began life as the delivery service for a rad, generous sharing community called TuShare. They found that asking members to line up at the post office to send their parcels “just wasn’t going to cut it” - and decided to give the parcel delivery business a crack. Since then, Sendle has helped tens of thousands of small businesses streamline their shipping with a door-to-door service that is simple, reliable and affordable.

I worked with Sendle in the very early stages to refine the brand and design language, create a marketing site, as well as begin to refine the service's interface design.


Parcel delivery, but better

For the MVP, our product approach was ultra simple sending – no signup, no accounts and one parcel at a time. Notification of key delivery milestones was via transactional emails. With an easy, natural process that is human, transparent and approachable.


Simple Booking

Smart form design removes the clutter and significantly improves focus on the key task. With just one step of the booking per page, rather than a long form, we make the process significantly quicker. Clear choices create customer perception is that it's a much easier process.



Parcel tracking

Sendle launched with simple tracking but it was clear that both senders and receivers of parcels wanted as much information as possible about where their parcels were and when they'd arrive. We set about making it as easy as possible to follow the order, layering each stage with context appropriate calls to action.

“Of all the creative people I’ve worked with in the digital space Amber is one of the very best. She is a strong creative thinker and problem solver with brilliant design and UX skills. More than that, Amber is a great communicator and has an innate ability to design solutions that work for real-world users. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”