More than a magazine


Myer Emporium

For years Myer Emporium magazine has been inspiring Myer One members, with premium editorial around fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture. I was invited by Bauer Media to help extend the influence of the magazine beyond print, and into customer's everyday lives.  I worked closely with the teams at Bauer and Myer to understand the customer journey, lead the strategy, ux and design.





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For the love of shopping

I ran some discovery workshops with Myer and talked to loyalty customers about their motivations and needs. We learned a lot, not only that they have great passion for shopping, but that they were enthusiastic about seeing Emporium come to life online. 

Whether they're scrolling while eating breakfast, stealing a second away from work, having a last minute fashion crisis, or spending a rainy weekend shopping- we'd fill those moments with luxurious inspiration, snackable lifestyle content and curated product discovery.



I consulted with stakeholders to map the world of Myer, and ensure Emporium would be well placed for launch. In this system, the focus was on moving the audience through each interaction, from one touchpoint to the next, deeper into the brand, seamlessly.


Beyond "Shop the Story", I explored ways of layering shoppable product within the stories, so it could feel natural, immediate, and super satisfying. Inventory integration obstacles pushed some ideas into the backlog, but we did add some great product modules to the toolkit.


I wanted to give editors a set of expressive, yet easy tools to tell their stories. I designed a  series of modules that could be assembled in a myriad of ways, using magazine assets, galleries, listicle widgets, different column layouts, trend grids and more. 

Visual browsing

Listing pages are structured for fluid visual browsing - with a cascading grid that encourages endless scrolling. The stream of stories might cascade across topics, but each has clear and consistent tags. They have varied size and editorial weight, but a predictable rhythm - large imagery catches the eye, and bite-size content lends a relevant, real-time feeling.


Alternate story formats

Imagine opening a print magazine with exactly the same layout on every page! Different article layouts add depth and richness to storytelling - I not only designed a series of flexible modules that could be creatively combined, but also some unique templates for particular story types. Overall, it’s a design system that encourages editorial creativity, and allows the content - not the template - determine the layout of a page.

Shop real-time trends

We wanted a way to enhance the popular "Trend" spreads from the magazine, making them truly shoppable, without using just a simple clickthrough gallery and text links. The grid is easily themed with a colour palette, context imagery, shoppable products, insta imagery and quotes. The result is a hard-working, energetic template really describes the trend at a glance. It's fully integrated with the Myer store - with a "Shop the Trend" pathway straight to a curated product collection. It cascadees beautifully into a 2 column grid on mobile devices too.


Wrapping things up

Sadly, site is no longer live.  After a smooth launch and successful few years of publishing, I would have loved a chance to take things further using data and the power of personalisation. But Bauer Custom Media evolved into something new, and Myer have moved forward with a new roadmap to take the company into the future. I love this kind of work, so still wanted to share.