The digital flagship for a luxury skincare brand



A global platform

I was approached by Jurlique to rethink their online shopping experience. They needed a commerce destination that would elevate the brand into the premium skincare market. And a global platform that would support international growth - individually customised for each the unique needs of each country.  

I worked closely with Jurlique's ecommerce management and a Magento development team in an ambitious race towards launch in just a few months. As the creative partner (and only designer) on the project, I was responsible for...

  • Scope definition workshops
  • Product vision and prototyping
  • Evolving the brand for online
  • All design execution and documentation
  • Design communication at all levels
  • Validation & refinement
  • UX copywriting
  • Living style guide 




The business goal was to migrate ecommerce operations off a proprietary system and onto Magento, quickly. The team was spread across three time zones, limiting face to face time with some key decision makers, so I had to document an evidence-based design process thoroughly.

As our work began, Jurlique were midway through a brand transformation that would not be complete before launch. On a positive note, the marketing intelligence and research commissioned for this was an invaluable resource. It provided useful insights into Jurlique's customers and their motivations. 





I interviewed stakeholders in the US, UK and Australia. We held workshops to capture all the requirements, and imagine an ideal future experience. We then worked backwards in ruthless feature prioritisation for the MVP. In favour of speed to market, we decided to launch with the standard Magento checkout flow and revisit post-launch.



Jurlique stores are fitted with reclaimed wood, soft lighting, and diffused essential oils. The staff speak quietly and with natural expertise. It was clear when watching customers interact with the product range that the senses played an important role in closing a sale. How might we emulate this wholesome, tactile, fragrant, sensual experience online? 



It's hard to believe 90% of ingredients used in Jurlique products are still grown on the original farm in the Adelaide Hills. It's truly biodynamic too - farming activities are coordinated with the cycles of the sun, moon, planets and stars. You can feel the earth's potency. Petals are handpicked. Herbs are distilled. I was most inspired (and so was my colour palette!)

“Amber came to our table armed with deep research and an equally deep understanding of our brand. She translated both into designs for our new site that, quite literally, brought tears to my eyes”
— Matt Fischer, Global Ecommerce Director, USA


Making it happen

We set out to simplify the site architecture, which had become rather unwieldy, with lots of dead ends. Customers needed to find the right products at the right time. And we needed a model for continuous consumption in the browsing experience.


Research showed that some visitors knew exactly what they wanted. Some were looking for inspiration, some for recommendation, some to solve an immediate skin concern, and others to simply feel good. 

Skincare categories were changed to verbs that enabled the customer to intuitively find products based on their personal beauty routines.The navigation model was also extended to provide new ways of discovery.

We added curated collections based on life moments, rich landing pages for personal skin concerns, recommendations that range from user favourites to expert reviews, and a sensual ingredient explorer to mimic the fragrant in-store experience. 


 After exploration and sketching, I used Axure to create a simple prototype. This was the most effective way to validate with users, communicate the direction, gain meaningful feedback from the team, consensus from stakeholders and approval from senior leadership.

Pages are a balanced system of editorial, education and commerce that aim to take the site beyond a simple product catalogue. And support conversion every step of the way.




The creative direction was a big pivot from the existing site (which was rather clinical, low-res, and not responsive). But everyone was ready for an evolution, and all the design work was received with enthusiastic warmth from both users, the team and management.

  • The new colour palette was directly inspired by my visit to the farm - rich dark soil,  vibrant petals, and lush foliage. Tones of honest richness and natural elegance.
  • Macro photography highlights the purity, potency and magic of the ingredients. So close you can almost smell them.  
  • Dramatically large product imagery enhances the perception of luxury
  • The senses are brought to life with high-touch imagery, immersive scale and emotive copy
  • Long, scrolling product listings encourage exploration, but also accomodate different product ratios orientations in an organic staggered grid. 
  • I developed a flexible system made up of reusable content clusters, and worked hard to make the structure feel organic and unique to the spirit of Jurlique.
  • Then I documented the new visual language in a detailed style guide...

Beyond the shopping funnel

Moving beyond a simple product catalogue, we introduced pathways from inspiration to purchase - a blend of editorial, curation, education and commerce. Products are highlighted through life moments,  skin benefit, sensual ingredients and the way they fit into the customer's daily routine. Site content is curated based on need states and search trends to cultivate desire. And layers of recommendations - from experts, influencers and real customers - build trust and customer confidence. 


Shop everywhere - A global system

The site is designed with a unified design system, and flexible grid. Modular content areas and customisable templates allow individual countries to adapt the site based on the specific needs of the market.

Smartphone shoppers aren’t left behind with a reduced and lighter experience, but a carefully adapted site for shopping on-the-go. 

Further, we built promotion modules that can fluidly respond to marketing and commerce hierarchies, a content library to consolidate global efforts, and a living style guide to communicate the whole platform worldwide. 


Wrapping things up

Within just a few months we built the first version of the platform and put together an exciting roadmap for the next months to come. I left the new team with all the tools in place to expand the platform and features with ease. I can’t wait to see where the Jurlique team takes this and I'm happy to have been part of the journey.