A new face for high fashion


Front row access to a world of luxury

The Harper's Bazaar brand is sophisticated, elegant and provocative. Dreamy escapism into the world of high-end fashion, beauty, runway and style. I designed the Australian site in 2013, a meandering adventure through lush galleries, news, real-time trend and runway reports.  As the only designer on the project, I was responsible for creative direction, buy-in, ux, wireframes, content and visual design. 



A delicate balance 

 My brief was to take the grand format print magazine, and match that elegance online while balancing the editorial and advertising requirements. Yet luxury brand consumers are discerning and sophisticated - savvy internet users who are the least likely to click banners or respond to interruption driven messaging. How might we balance advertising need's for driving page views and the reluctance of reader to click again and again?

I was inspired by a new navigation paradigm of long pages that change the URL for each vertical section of the homepage to preserve advertising requirements by maintaining the page view count without taking away from the experience.  These continuous scrolling pages make for a dreamy, immersive experience. And are especially pleasant for trend or runway content, where clicking through photo galleries to load each individual image quickly gets tiresome. 

Landing pages lead with highly flexible and visually rich content grids - brimming with breaking trends, interactive news, editorial and covetable commerce modules. Content listings are flowing and easy with lots of white space and large high-touch imagery. The result is a chic high fashion destination for readers, with a brand experience like no other - highly successful in attracting premium advertising.